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As we approach the end of 2016, we reflect on the unprecedented advances in LGBT equality weve seen in recent years.  We also look to the future with the knowledge that our work toward full equality in the United States is about to become much more difficult.  

Equality Case Files remains as dedicated as ever to our ongoing mission of providing you detailed information on litigation and legislation that impacts our lives, and we rely on your support to continue to provide this vital service.  We are excited to announce:

Joshua Newville from Madia Law in Minneapolis has pledged to match your total donations up to $3,000You probably know Joshua as the attorney for plaintiffs in marriage cases in both South and North Dakota.

For those of you who are fortunate enough to be able to consider making end-of-year charity and nonprofit donations, I’d ask that you take a minute to consider Equality Case Files. I have pledged to match total contributions up to $3,000.

Equality Case Files started by tracking the Prop 8 trial, one of the most important civil rights cases in modern history. While continually making the happenings of such cases available, EQCF has been the unparalleled leader in making the multi-pronged, national fight for equality accessible. Many lawyers even use it to follow what’s happening!

I am proud to support EQCF in its continued mission to keep all proponents of equality informed. I hope you’ll consider joining me in doing so.

~ Joshua Newville

We are honored to be the recipient of Joshua’s generosity and we hope you will join him in supporting EQCF.


As the new administration appoints to key positions people who have vowed to roll back progress we have made, we know there are tough times ahead. But this also means that now, more than ever, we need to pay attention to legal developments across the country.  And that’s exactly what we do here at EQCF. We track important court cases and legislation, provide ready access to court filings and other primary sources of information, and provide first-hand reports from inside courtrooms in key litigation.  

Just this week, President and Editor-in-Chief Kathleen Perrin is in Chicago to attend oral argument in Hively v. Ivy Tech, an important employment discrimination case being heard en banc at the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. From there, she will be heading to Pittsburgh to attend a hearing in Evancho v. Pine-Richland School District, in which attorneys for transgender high school students are seeking a preliminary injunction to block a Pennsylvania school’s discriminatory policy.

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Thank you for your support.