S.D. Ga. 4:15-cv-00103 Case History

Evans v. Georgia Regional Hospital
No. 4:15-cv-00103, Docket 

Court: Southern District Georgia
Assigned to: Judge J. Randal Hall
(previously assigned to Judge B. Avant Edenfield)
Referred to: Magistrate Judge G.R. Smith

Associated Cases:
Evans v. Georgia Regional Hospital, No. 15-15234, Docket (11th Circuit)
Evans v. Georgia Regional Hospital, No. 17-370, Docket (U.S. Supreme Court)


  • Complaint (04/23/2015)
    • Plaintiff Jameka K. Evans, appearing pro se, moves to file case in forma pauperis (“IFP”) and have attorney appointed; motion referred to Magistrate Judge Smith


  • Report and Recommendation by Magistrate Judge Smith (09/10/2015)
    • Grants motion to file IFP
    • Complaint dismissed with prejudice (complaint screened “under 28 U.S.C. § 1915(e)(2)(B)(ii) which requires a district court to dismiss an IFP complaint ‘at any time’ it is determined to fail to state a claim for relief”)
    • Motion to appoint counsel denied
  • Order (Magistrate Judge Smith) directs Report and Recommendation to be served on all parties (09/10/2015)
Objection to Report and Recommendation


  • ORDER (10/29/2015)
    • Concurs with and adopts Report and Recommendation
    • Grants Lambda Legal’s motion to file amicus brief
    • Appoints counsel (Gregory R. Nevins, Lambda Legal) to represent plaintiff on appeal
  • Clerk’s Judgment (10/29/2015)
    • Case dismissed with prejudice

Plaintiff’s Notice of Appeal to 11th Circuit Court of Appeals (11/19/2015)
– Docketed as case number 15-15234
Opinion and Judgment (03/10/2017)


Current through Docket # 20, 03/10/2017