Ferguson v. JONAH – Documents


Ferguson v. JONAH, L-5473-12
Superior Court of New Jersey, Hudson County, Law Division
Assigned to: Judge Peter F. Bariso, Jr.

Complaint and Answers
  • Complaint filed by Plaintiffs Michael Ferguson, et al. (“Plaintiffs”) (11/27/2013)
    • Answer filed by Defendants JONAH, et al. (“Defendants”) (02/04/2013)
    • Amended Answer filed by Defendants [adding additional affirmative defenses] (03/04/2013)
Case Management Orders
Defendants’ Motions to Quash Subpoenas for Production of Evidence
Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss
Plaintiffs’ Motion to Compel (Produce Documents)
Defendants’ Motions for Partial Summary Judgment
Parties’ Motion and Cross-Motion for Partial Summary Judgment
  • Defendants’ Cross-Motion (11/25/2014)
    • Brief  67-1
    • Statement of Un 67-2
    • Certification of Paul M. Jonna 67-3
  • Plaintiffs’ Opposition (12/19/2014)
    • Brief  67A-1
    • Response to Defendants’ statement of undisputed material facts   67A-2
    • Certification of Lina Bensman 67A-3
    • Certification of Paul M. Kessler
  • Defendants’ Reply (01/09/2015)
    • Memo 67B
  • MOTION HEARING held February 5, 2015.  [Transcript]
  • ORDER and OPINION (02/10/2015)
    • Granting in part Plaintiffs’ Motion
    • Denying Defendants’ Cross-Motion