D. Minn. 0:16-cv-00100 Case History

Tovar v. Essentia Health 
No. 0:16-cv-00100, Docket 

Court: District of Minnesota (Duluth)
Assigned to: Judge Richard H. Kyle
Referred to: Magistrate Judge Leo I. Brisbois

Associated Cases:
Tovar v. Essentia Health, No. 16-3186 (8th Circuit), Docket 

  • Complaint (01/15/2016)
  • Complaint Amended by court order to add HealthPartners Administrators, Inc. as a Defendant on Count III (06/23/2016)


Defendants Essentia Health and Innovis Health
Defendant HealthPartners
  • ORDER Granting Motion to Amend Judgment (06/23/2016)
    • Judgment entered May 11, 2016  is VACATED
    • Plaintiff’s Complaint is AMENDED to add HealthPartners Administrators, Inc. (“HPAI”) as a Defendant on Count III
    • All claims in newly amended Complaint are DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE
  • AMENDED Judgment (06/23/2016) [replacing vacated judgment]

Plaintiff’s Notice of Appeal to 8th Circuit Court of Appeals (07/21/2016)
– Docketed as case number 16-3186
Opinion and Judgment (05/24/2017)




Current through Docket # 40, 05/24/2017