1:16-cv-00425 Minute Entry June 16

Minute Entry (June 16, 2016)  [Docket Text Only]

Minute Entry for proceedings held before JUDGE THOMAS D. SCHROEDER: Telephone Conference held on 6/16/2016 on 37 United States Joint Motion to Enjoin Automatic Suspension of Funds. Attorneys Corey Stoughton, Ripley Rand, Lori Kisch, Torey Cummings, Taryn Null and Dwayne Bensing present for the United States. Attorneys Noel Francisco, Carolyn Pratt and James Burnham present for UNC Defendants. Attorneys Butch Bowers, Robert Stephens, Lindsey Wakely and Jonathan Harris present for Defendants State of North Carolina and Governor McCrory and Attorney Kyle Duncan, Gene Schaerr and Robert Potter present for Proposed Intervenors Berger and Moore. Any additional briefing by Parties is due by close of business 6/20/2016. (Court Reporter Briana Nesbit.) (Engle, Anita) Modified on 6/22/2016 to reflect Intervenors are Proposed (Engle, Anita). (Entered: 06/16/2016)